Nardy_dedication_imageQualicare is a homecare company that specializes in providing collaborative, coordinated care to people who are challenged by aging, chronic illness, or complex medical issues. The founders, Wayne and Andrea Nathanson, started Qualicare in 2001, two years after Wayne’s father, Bernard “Nardy” Nathanson, died of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). During Nardy’s illness, the family had enormous difficulties dealing with the entangled bureaucracy of Ontario’s healthcare system; they had to learn not only about the disease and how to care for Nardy, but also how to navigate a complicated and fractured system. The medical bureaucracy that was supposed to serve the patient actually disrupted his care and treatment.

The family’s challenging journey to obtain the best care for Nardy planted the seeds of what Qualicare has grown into today. The franchise business started in Toronto and now has offices across North America. Qualicare was founded on the principle that every patient and family deserves compassion and continuity of care in a unified, collaborative approach that addresses the medical, psychological, familial, social and economic facets of illness or aging. Their mission is to help ease the stress associated with obtaining comprehensive support at home or in a hospital, retirement home, or long term care residence.